Well… It has been so long. What to say… I’ve probably gone through the most challenging year in my life so far. And I’m not over it yet.  I think we can say I lost myself, made bad choices, struggled with adult life, got stuck…and so on.

I feel like I got 5 years of life experience just in about 6 months.  I feel older, darker, wiser…

I actually completly forgot about this blog until earlier this week, when a friend talked to me about his blog. And I thought to myself: you know what, maybe this would help you get better.

I’ve read a book called: Men are from Mars, Women are from Vénus (Damn isn’t that right) and in the book, John Gray talks about letters. “Feelings” letter. He said that writing what we feel is an excellent way to feel better. Sometimes it is just a letter for your lover, your family, your friends, sometimes it is just for you.

Honestly, right now I would give anything to feel better. So why not trying with this blog one more time?

Black Horse and Cherry Tree - Kt Tunstall

Last weekend, went to this exhibit where trees were all dressed up :)

Those pies were just delicious.